Incineration in Cement Kiln

Incineration in Cement Kiln

Siam Waste Management Consultant (Asian) Co., Ltd., has an agreement to cooperate with Siam Cement Group, (SCG) for industrial solid waste incinerating in the cement kiln. The company has registered for Factory Type 101 with Department of Industrial Works in servicing of industrial solid waste treatment and incineration.

The incinerating of industrial solid waste is one of the best treatment methods nowadays.  The waste will be completely treated in this process. SCG has utilized this great incineration technology in 5 (five) SCG branch-facilities around Thailand as the followings:

  • SCG Tha Luang, Tha Luang District , Saraburi
  • SCG Tha Luang, Khao Wong District, Saraburi
  • SCG Kaeng Koi, Kaeng Koi District , Saraburi
  • SCG Lampang Branch, Lampang
  • SCG Thung Song, Thung Song District, Nakorn Si Thammarat

ZERO LANDFILL Solid Waste Treatment Method in Cement Kiln

The solid waste treatment concept in general is to treat the waste to the minimum left-over as much as possible. The incineration in cement kiln is the best way to go because it can eliminate all the waste at 1450 degree C incinerating. The waste will become homogenizing with the cement powder product. There will be nothing left out from this process. (Zero Landfill)

Industrial Waste Incineration

The first hazardous waste incinerator in Thailand the details are as follows.:

  • Choose the best waste management system.
  • The incinerators use adequate temperature to burn waste.
  • Choose air treatment system It is reliable.
  • Industrial waste incinerator Do not pollute spread into the environment