Designing, Manufacturing, Installation, and Commissioning of Waste Management & Treatment Process

Siam Waste management Consultant (Asian) Co., Ltd., also provides the turn-key service for municipal and industrial solid waste management and treatment process. Solid Waste Sorting System

This process is custom designed for high efficient sorting and separating of municipal solid waste. We provide the engineering design based on the type, component, and quantity including local people behavior of the solid waste in each specific place.  The solid waste will be utilized further as the RDF, methane gas, or fertilizer depending on the component accumulated within the original waste. This will significantly reduce the landfilling treatment in that specific area.


– Suvarnabhumi Airport Solid Waste Sorting Facility capacity 100 tons per day

– Municipal Solid Waste Sorting and Treatment Center at Si Prachan District

– Municipal Solid Waste Sorting and Treatment Center at Fang District, Chiangmai.