About Us

Siam Waste Management Consultant (Asian) Co., Ltd., previously named ‘Siam Waste Management Consultant Co., Ltd.’, was established in year 2001. The company is a subsidiary Thammasorn Group of Companies which are mainly in Total Environmental Management and Solution Provider business. The company has many references such as Solid-waste Sorting Line, Baling Machines, Waste to Fertilizer Process at Fang District Chiangmai, Solid-waste Sorting Plant at Suvarnabhumi Airport, and etc. We always provide the engineering service on this matter according to government regulation. 

Siam Waste Management Consultant (Asian) Co., Ltd., was registered under waste management regulation No. 105 and 106. We have been incorporating with SCG for incinerating the waste in SCG’s Cement Kiln which is the best method for industrial waste disposal at the moment. We are ready to provide the service in every area within Thailand.

The company currently employs every method of industrial waste disposal rather than the incinerating in cement kiln. We also provide the following services such as Secured Landfill, Waste Recycling, and Waste Recovery. All our business always concern in preserving our environment and natural resource. All our services is conformed to ISO 14001: 2015

We were registered as the consulting service company by the Thai Consultant Database Ministry of Finance. We have some reference projects in Energy Renewal Design from Municipal Solidwaste, Biogas from food waste projects such as Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd. , SONY Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd, and HONDA Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

With our team of experienced engineers, scientists, and technical advisors, we promise to provide the best industrial waste management services to every customer. All our services are guaranteed to be conformed to the engineering principle under strict government regulation for effective preservation and sustainability of the environment.