An advance clean technology developed by Thammasorn Group for fuel oil saving about 5-10% and reduce pollution such as TSP. The process utilizes homogeneous mixing concept to mix oil and water.





When the emulsion oil is injected into the combustion chamber, the 2 process will occur rapidly as the followings

  1. Vaporization of the water phase :  when the emulsion oil is injected into the high temperature combustion chamber, the water is immediately evaporated
  2. Micro explosion :  the oil droplet is diffused following the steam of water which lead to the increasing of micro-explosion of oil. The micro-explosion of oil then induce the complete mixing of air and oil which leads to the increasing of combustion efficiency





Able to apply all size of Boiler






– Fuel oil saving (5-10%)

– Reduce pollution such as TSP

– Production cost saving

– Complete combustion

– Clean boiler, maintenance cost saving

– Can be used with heavy oil A and C

– Automatic control, easy to use

– No need to change boiler